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Grace and Steve

I'm looking for this fic, where Steve and Grace end up jumping off a cliff into the ocean, and Grace was being held up by Steve until air rescue could come and get them.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?


are there any stories where Steve kidnaps Marcus Reyes and tortures him to find out where Matt is or Steve kills Reyes instead of Danny. And any stories where Steve helps with the Matt situation more.

McDanno fictions

Hey everyone, I'm looking for a fic that is a McDanno.
From what I can remember is was based around Season 1 Episode 23 "Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau". I remember Steve being in love with Danny and finally except it himself after Danny nearly die from being poisoned by sarin, but when he go to the hospital to see Danny and maybe confess his feeling [not sure] but ends up finding Racheal asleep next to Danny as the have a thing together, this leave Steve heartbroken but Steve doesn't say anything cause he only want Danny to be happy even if it makes Steve miserable, then I remember another bit where Danny hugs Steve in HQ after coming out of the hospital and Steve holds on a little longer than a 'just a friend' should.
That's all I remember so if you know the fic that I'm talking about please let me know and send me a link thanks x.

Hulk like Steve

Heyy, I've been desperately searching for this fic where Steve has been kind of like the Hulk? I don't remember if it was a story about a hulk movie with the Five-0 characters, but I don't think so. I believe it was an original story.
I know it wasn't slash (I think Steve was with Cathrine in it) but after Hulking out he was always very protective of Danny and saw him as a trusted authority figure or something?
I hope someone can help me :)

Blind anyone Five-O

I know I've read blind!Danny and blind!Steve fic, but can only find blind!Danny from chemical burn and recovers within a couple of days and blind!(stopped!)Danny/Steve as a carpenter uncompleted fic. Do ya'll know where I can find any other blind fics involving any of the Five-O crew? I mostly interested in how writers are writing about blindness, but Five-O fic is the only fandom I'm currently mostly caught up on. Most of the original fic I've found is meh. Any good recs, fanfic or not, are welcome!


Steve knives skills and collection are discussed. Turkey carving and pumpkin carving involved.