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Danny and Eric

Hi guys long time no see,

I was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of stories where Danny has to work with his Nephew Eric. I know that Eric is on the show more and I love how they act. Eric is a wonderful edition and I would love to read anything with him and his Uncle D.

Danny has to kill Steve

Hi everyone!
So I read a story about Danny having to kill Steve and Steve telling him that it's okay. It was a windy night and when he started crying he knew the wind had nothing to do (or something like that). Then he wakes up 3 years later, but remembers it was not a dream and misses Steve. Thanks!!

Steve dies

Hi everyone!
I'm looking for a pic where Danny doesn't want to talk to anyone and is really crossed with Steve. Everyone, Lou included, goes to his house to talk to him and find him drinking. Danny doesn't know if he is going to be able to forgive Steve. And finally we discover that Steve is dead. Thanks in advance!
All I can remember is that Steve was captured by bad guys, chained (possibly drugged) and beaten up. When the team comes to the rescue, he doesn't recognize them at first and tries to choke Danny using his thighs.
It was a oneshot, I think.
Quite old (season 1 or 2).
If it rings any bells, I'd be very grateful!

Steve/Danny Fake marriage?

Hi everyone!
I really need some help!
The story goes there is a killer killing gays and at the beginning of the story a local runs into a body out hunting a pig for his daughters wedding and finds the body stuck to the tree.
Steve and Danny go under cover as married couple and get drugged in their car.
Danny ends up at the bottom of a pier and Steve is trying to get him out of the water.
If you have any idea please share
I do know it had a Hawaii name to it.


Doris breaks into Steve's house to snoop around and goes in to a desk drawer where there is a letter for her from Steve saying to never come back there again.


Steve pushes Danny out of the way and gets hit by a car while he is on the phone with Grace?

Danny/Steve Steve thinks Danny is dead

Hi, I'm looking for a fic where a boat Danny is on explodes and he's convinced by an FBI agent to "stay dead" so they can catch the bad guy on the understanding that Grace and the team are told, only Steve isn't. I think Danny punches the agent when he realises what has happened. It's an older fic. Thanks in advance!

Fic for Episode 5x07?

Hi, are there any Steve/Danny fics on the AU world in episode 5x07 or at least Steve's reaction to it?

Thanks in advance.


Danny goes to Jersey when his sister gives birth and while he is away Steve gets recalled for a mission and doesn't tell Danny. He's hurt while on the mission and when he wakes up Danny is in the hospital room with Steve.