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Season 2 Premiere Canon AU!

Hi guys!! I'm looking for a story I really wanted to read. I think it's gen though I'm not sure. It's a canon AU of the season 2 premiere where the team rallies to help Steve. I remember that in the story they were staying in a safe house with Sang Min and I think Kono was there too. Steve hadn't escaped. It was long and it was very well written. I know it's vague but that's all I remember. HELP!!! The story is on AO3 and it's mutlichapter or very long.

FOUND!!! by the amazing marvinmuse it's Play a Strong Hand by sheafrotherdon!!!

Looking for a 2x23 Steve Fic

Okay, so I remember this fic but I cannot for the life of me remember what I searched to find it. After the scene in the vet office, from 2x23, they all head outside and when he is alone Steve attempts to take off his vest only to pretty much collapse against the car. He's deeply bruised and in a lot of pain and it causes Danny, Chin, and Kono all to come running over.

EDIT: That one is found! Thanks! Still open to other recommendations for some good hurt Steve or BAMF Steve hurt/comfort, friendship stories.

Thanks again!


Two different Danny/ Steve storys

I need help finding two different Danny/Steve stories.
1) I don't remember all of it but I remember at one point in the story Steve and Danny get engaged (I think) and instead of a ring Danny gets Steve a bracelet. Another part is Steve forget to put it on one morning and Danny get insecure and then tells Steve if he really didn't want it just tell him(I think).
2) The other one is at when they first meet and Steve gives him hotel reservations to swim with dolphins it elusiveness for the Hawaiian's but grace really want to go but Stan couldn't get it for her and this is something he can do for grace that Stan money cant.

Then if you know any really good fics where Steve gets deployed or grace wants to fallow in her dad's (Steve's) footsteps and join the Navy that be great to.

Lot of love and thanks ahead of time

McDanno with seriously vicious vampires


I need help finding a Steve/Danny fic in which vampires arise from the earth that haven't been seen for a thousand or so years. They pretty much bring about the apocalypse. Rachel is killed and Grace is traumatized and Danny ends up one of the vampires.

What is the name/where is it/help please?


Update: FOUND! Link in comments.
  Hello all! I apologize if this has been asked for before. I'm not very good at using LJ. I'm trying to find a completed fic where Danny comes across Steve and friends doing hula at Steve's place and ends up watching but Steve knows the entire time. I'm pretty sure it's multiple chapters. Thanks!

Please Help Find McDanno Story

I'm hoping that someone can help me find this McDanno fic. I've been looking for it for about 5 months now and it's driving me low-key crazy.

I don't remember it being too long, I think about 1.5-2K. It's about when Rachel and Danny went to court over the custody of Grace and it deals with what Steve said when he basically just told Danny that he should stop fighting it and leave. I think it was Danny sort of having a breakdown in his apartment then Steve shows up and they get together. 

I'd really appreciate any help. Thank you.


Hey so im looking for a specific ficwhere Steve barges his way into Dannys life. like he talks to Rachel and Stan with out Danny knowing, talkes to Grace moves all of Dannys stuff into his house with out telling Danny etc. Then Danny is like so I think we should get married and Steve is like cool ok and then Danny says I talked to the governer and Steve freeks and says you cant do that she is my boss thats inappropriate and Danny retaliates by saying you talked to my daughter my ex wife and shes not your boss.
Thanks in advance

Grace Kidnapped, Plane Goes Down

Looking for a fic where I think Grace is kidnapped. The main thing I remember is Danny, Steve, and Grace end up in a plane, which goes down in the ocean. They end up in a life raft and both Steve and Danny are hurt, and I think one of them shows Grace how to use a flare gun because they know she might have to be the one to use it.

Danny dealing with his anxiety, h/c


I was wondering if anyone could point me towards any fic that shows Danny dealing with his anxiety.  It is something that is mentioned in canon that he deals with on a daily basis, so I am hoping to read some fic that features it.  Any pairing or friendship is more then okay.

Thank you so much!

Pregnant Danny

Hello im looking for a mcdanno where they have a daughter and steve is reactivated to the seals danny finds out hes pregnant with twins he hides it from steve. Grace sends weekly pics of her and her sister to him. Any help would be awesome. Found link in comments


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