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Are there any Danno/Steve stories

I am rewatching the whole show episode by episode that way I'm caught up for season six. In doing this I find myself looking for a few whell to be honest a lot of good stories. Right now I'm looking for any stories about.

1) Danny and Steve getting things right between them.

2) Any stories where Danny is threatened by a criminal and they try to hurt him. (Would love to see Steve saving the day as much as Danny himself)

3) Any family stories with everyone.

4) Are there any stories about the episode. "Poina'ole(not forgotten).

5) I enjoy slash better then General but any and all are welcome. I can't get enough stories about this kick butt show!!!!

Thanks for all the help before and now. This is a great community!!

Good Guy Stan


I'm wanting to read some fic about Stan being a good guy, whether it is in general or with Gracie... or if there is one out there, Stan being nice to Danny even when Danny can't manage to reflect the attitude.

I don't mind if Rachel is a lovely woman, or cruel and manipulative, and I don't mind if Danny likes Stan or not (though I don't want any with Danny actually being bad).

I like both canon and AU, and I don't mind about pairings, though McDanno is my preference.

But yeah, I want to read something good about Stan.

Two maybe McDanno stories

There's a fic out there that involves Danny going blind, either temporarily or permanently. The only detail I can remember is that Steve challenges Danny to take a walk by himself without tripping over anything in order for Danny to leave by himself. Danny almost passes the test until Steve pushes something in his way to trip him up. Danny finds out about it and is pissed. Anyone remember this one and able to link to it?

Secondly, there's a story or several out there where Steve or Danny get into an argument and someone goes too far, usually Steve, but sometimes Danny, and ends with Steve either firing Danny or saying that he doesn't need him anymore. For some stories, what follows is a speeding car, accident, brink of death, and hopes that one will save the other. Others continue on differently. Any takers?

You all are awesome. Cheers to a hopefully fun filled season six with lots of teamy, not steamy, goodness.
As per the subject line, I am wondering if anyone has a copy of Portrait_of_a_fool's 'Where the World Drops Off'? It's fic where Steve gets in a car accident and acquires amnesia, which is so my jam right now.

As it no longer seems to be publicly available on their LJ or on AO3 at all, I was wondering if anyone had downloaded a copy that they would be willing to send me privately?

ETA: Yes, I have tried to contact the author. If anyone can help by providing a copy it would be greatly appreciated.

steve drowns and Joe saves him


I search a fic in which Steve drowns and Joe saves him (I think it was during a training and there was an explosion)

If you have other fic with Joe White, I want too.

Thank you in advance, and sorry for my english, I'm French :)


Hey, just wondering if there any good fics with submissive/bottom Steve. Preferably Danny/Steve but anyone/steve is ok too. Thanks!

Please help

I'm looking for several stories. I love McDanno!

1) I'm looking for any stories AU or any other where Danny or Steve have a jealous ex Male/Female?

2) where one of Steve's old sale buddies or a past friend try to come in between him and Danny.

3) where Danny's parents or Rachel try to split them up.

4) the One where Danny is a cop and Steve and Chin and I think Kino work in a bookstore.

5) any chapter story that has a happy ending for my favorite couple.

6) i've vaguely remember a story about Danny and Steve adopting a kid that hides in the attic because he won't witnessed his parents murder suicide. And they have a child that this kid played with.

7) any family stories McDanno wise.

8) any stories that have Steve helping Danny get over Matt death.

9) any stories were Danny is helping Steve get over Doris or anything else.

10) any stories that Danny and Steve get full custody of grace because either Rachel dies, is hurt, or loses custody.

11) any story that has Danny's Mom and dad taking Steve as part of their family

And any other McDanno fics would be great thank you!!!

Looking for AUs

Can anyone rec me some fics where Steve is a baker or a chef?  Or any AUs that revolve around a restaurant/bakery/bar?  Thank you!

Steve is Unsure About Bottoming

I'm looking for a fic that I read in the past where Steve is unsure about bottoming. In this story, he definitely had less experience in being with men than Danny did. Their first time together Danny bottoms and Steve expressing reservations.  Any idea what story this is?

Danny has an abusive boyfriend

Hey guys!

I was recently wondering if there are any fics in which danny has an abusive boyfriend and steve gets to know somehow. Don't care if it's an au and mcdanno is always a plus

Thanks! !