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Looking for 2 fics

So I have bben looking for those two fics and can't find them. I can't remember if they were on ff or ao3.
In the first, Steve has a concussion and don't listen to Danny and go on a case with him. He got hit on the head again and turns on Danny. Danny is left alone and hurt in the woods whilw Steve takes his car back to the palace and don't remember what happened.
In the second, something happens in a parking lot. Danny jumps on a moving car and falls when the car turns and hurt himself. I think the perp stops the car when a baby cries in the back of the car.

Any help greatly appreciates !

Grace confronts Steve after 6.25

So I know that it was hosted on Ao3 and I have been looking for it for a while.

Basically, Grace sees how her dad is treated after the events of 6.25 and confronts Steve in the hospital while her dad is out doing tests or whatever, and she yells at him and tells him she never wants to talk to him again? I just hope that the fic wasn't taken down, because I liked it.

Any help would be appreciated.


Free Bunnies!

Hi! Can I post post prompts/ random plot bunnies here?

Steve has Hernia surgery


One more time I need help. In the story a woman for the insurance company comes and tells steve he needs to have a physical While getting the physical he ends up learning he needs to have surgery on a HERNIA.


Any help I know it was on AO3


Steve/Danny Mpreg

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone knows the story I am thinking of.

I think Steve is pregnant. But Him and Danny are fighting and Catherine is taking advantage of that. In one chapter Danny and Doris basically tell Catherine off. In the end Danny is there for Steve when he goes into labor.

Rings any bells

I'm looking for a story, but it's possible I'm combining elements of two stories.

Steve and Danny are in a relationship but someone sends Danny fake photos of Steve and Rachel kissing, so he breaks up with him. The entire team is on Danny's side until it's cleared up. Steve can't get over not having their trust and resigns because he can't be their leader if they don't trust him. At some point (and I think it might be a different story but I'm not sure) Steve gets a fractured skull and is medically discharged from the Navy but no one knows. He meets Danny in a bar, where he is running some sort of undercover hing but the new partner that was supposed to have his back bails cause he can't deal with pretending to be gay so Steve pretends to be his lover.

Does anyone know the story/stories?

Jul. 22nd, 2016


I'm looking for a fic that's a little bit of a Danny!whump of I remember correctly. The main scene I remember is him being on the phone with Steve while one of his neighbors is fighting and murders someone? Additionally, I believe earlier in the doc he tries to intervene between a couples dispute and gets beaten up for his trouble. I think he also gets into a fight in the parking lot with a couple of guys as well. If this is pinging any bells for anyone, please let me know!

LF Liver AU Fics


Possible spoilers if you haven't seen the season finale for this year.

I was wondering if there are any 6x25 AU fics where instead of Steve being shot and needing a transplant it's Danny?

Thank you!

Joe White tells a story


I search a story inwhich Joe White tells a story of Steve : Them and John played football in the beach and Steve broke his arm.

Thank you in advance.

(Sorry for my english, I'm French)

Danny&Steve; Bromance

Hey guys!

Looking for fics that show the bromance between these two. I'm upset that the show has stepped away from that. Just fics where they're always there for each other (brother and best friend). If it leads up to slash, I'm okay with that.