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Danny's exhausted and when Steve wants to know why, Grace tells him Eric didn't want to stop playing computer games/watching TV. Steve yells at Eric about being more considerate.


Story search: Danny's lawsuit

I'm trying to find a story where the Governor suspends (fires?) Danny which causes him to see a lawyer about starting a lawsuit. Everything is sorted out in the end. Unfortunately I can't remember anything else.


Fic search: Danny falsely accused

I'm searching for a story where Steve is shown (or finds?) a photo where Danny is meeting Wo Fat. Danny denies ever meeting him. They go to a guy who authenticates photos. Unfortunately, he says it's real. The Governor suspends (fires?) Danny which causes him to see a lawyer about starting a lawsuit. It turns out that Lori set things up to get rid of Danny because she likes Steve (I think that's her motive). The photo guy eventually tells the truth (that Lori asked him to create the photo). Everything works out in the end. Thanks in advance.
Two law enforcement officers from the mainland come to observe how Hawaii 5-0 works (I think the governor wants to try setting up task forces in other U.S. states). I think they have issues with one of them. I'm unsure if it's slash or gen. If anyone recognises this story, I'd be most grateful.


I remember reading a long (over 50k words) story years ago, I think here on LJ, where Steve had amnesia after some kind of accident. Does anyone have an idea what it could be?

Fic is gone, can I get a copy of it.

If someone could send me a copy of this story to my email that would be awesome.

I don't remember a lot of this fic, but I know it was a BDSM story.

.This particular story was deleted so I would need a PDF version. If the author is fine with it.

.Steve gives Danny a necklace and the team tells Danny that it's a collar and symbolizes that Danny's his.

.Steve makes Danny go nude under a skirt. It's for a party.

.Nobody approaches Danny because of the necklace.

.Steve is possessive and he doesn't tell Danny the full meaning of the necklace.

.Danny agrees to be Steve's sub.

Hope that helps.

If you find a copy can you send it to beachbabe87@yahoo.com

Thanks a bunch!!!

Does anyone know the name of the fic where danny is missing/kidnapped? He’s later found but he isn’t acting like a human. He kind of acts like an animal. Maybe more like a dog.
Basically, Steve and Danny in Jersey. Only, Danny gets caught um in a compromised position in the alley with a guy, possibly on his knees (I'm not sure), with an ex or old friend I think, and Steve sees them and runs because he loves Danny. Angsty. They aren't together though at that point. I don't think it was an instance of cheating.

FOUND: http://archiveofourown.org/works/159748?view_adult=true

Ohana by kuhekabir on Archive of Our Own

Underappreciated Danny

Hi! I’m looking for any underappreciated Danny recs. Anything where Danny gets injured or something and the team doesn’t realize how much he does until he’s gone, or anything where Danny feels neglected for any reason. Just any Danny whump, really! I’m partial to Danny/Steve but really any pairing or gen is just fine with me!

I also remember one in particular where Kono doesn’t respect Danny as much as she should, not following his directions or something like that. I think it ends up that her punishment is having to actually walk a beat? If anyone could point me to it, that would be great!

Danny or Steve cheats on the other...

Hi ! I'm looking for a story where Steve or Danny is cheating on the other ... or believe he's being cheated ... Thank you !


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