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Danny has an abusive boyfriend

Hey guys!

I was recently wondering if there are any fics in which danny has an abusive boyfriend and steve gets to know somehow. Don't care if it's an au and mcdanno is always a plus

Thanks! !

FOUND: McDanno, "lucky" partnerships, AU

Hello all! Need help finding a McDanno story that's a bit of a fantasy AU. I've tried looking for all the Sentinel&Guide stories, but I don't know that this was one, just clearly remember three things: (1) Danny and Steve are some rare class of people that form *lucky* pairs, its known but not common. (2) The scene where they meet Kamekona illustrated this, Danny *knowing* (because his luck increased with Steve there) that telling Kamekona Grace would like the blue shirt for a nightgown, would make Kamekona like and seek to help them. (3) Danny doesn't want to partner up with Steve, despite the luck, because Danny doesn't want to fall in love just on luck.
Any info about this story, or stories as the case may be, will be welcome and appreciated. Thanks for your consideration.

FOUND! Thanks goes to jo_anne_storm, who has identified this story as A Marked Interest, by chimera01, available at the AO3, Check out this amazing story!.

Steve is a Sentinel and Danny his guide

I read this story a long time ago and now I can't remember where. Danny is Steve's guide and upon finding out runs from him, I don't remember why I think it had something to do with Grace. Steve tracks him down. I think there were a couple of stories to this. I know it's not much to go on and I have searched all the Sentinel Fusion stories and still haven't been able to find it. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Found. Link to story in comments.

Car accident h/c Steve/Danny FOUND

I'm looking for a fic that has Steve and Danny arguing I think, and eventually Steve takes off possibly in his truck. Since I might be mixing up a couple different fics I'm not sure if Steve gets into an accident on his own or if he gets run off the road. I really do think there's a bunch of fics that would fit this situation, so I'll take anything that sounds right. But I do think the one I'm really looking for was on Any help would be awesome, thanks.
Hey guys! I just finished reading Seale's AvatarH50 fusion and I was wondering if there were any other H50/Avatar the Last Airbender fusion out there. I'm looking for Danny-centered stories where he is a bender. Of course it would be even more awesome if the entire team were benders too but not necessary. Any recs? It could be team, friendship, McDanno, gen stories. Just in character and with a plot, well written would be awesome too!!

Team have powers

I'm looking for a fic I read a long time ago where the whole team have powers the only one I can remember is Chin has the power to control Lava and was trained by his mom an remembered the Capt. Cook Landing when he was a child. I think Kono was something with her balance but that's all I know. Hope someone can help me find it.

Steve goes as wife to Halloween party

Hi guys,

I am after the story of where Steve and Danny go to a Halloween party and Steve goes as his wife. He has Kono help him get ready and buys a pair of heels to go with his LBD.

Danny gets turned on and can't wait to get his man home and peel Steve out of his dress and heels.

I lost the link and would love to read it again :(

Mcdanno childhood fic

Hey guys, I'm looking for a childhood Mcdanno fic. I don't remember much but I do remember that it was a bunch of events in their life when Danny would say, "No, Steven";and one of them was when Steve was about to leave for the Navy and Danny asked him to stay but Steve said that it was the only time he couldnt do as Danny asked. Please, please help. I've been looking for this fic for a really long time.

Danny Convinced Rest of Team Hates Him

I know I'll kick myself when it's found but for the life of me I can't come up with the name of this fic. Danny is convinced by some other HPD people that Steve, Chin, and Kono don't really like him/want him around. So he pulls away from the group and is continually harassed by the HPD people (apartment broken into, ties cut, pictures burnt, I think maybe there's a time when legit backup doesn't show). It culminates in a 'team building week/conference' in Colorado (or someplace snowy) and there is some crossover with NCIS.

I may well be mixing two stories up here, but I don't think I am. I think it's also Gen, which is weird for me, as I usually read slash in this fandom.

Hurt/insecure danny

Hi! I'm looking for 2 fics, I hope you can help me. I'm sorry i cant give full descriptions, I can only remember parts.

Fic 1: steve knows that danny is quite insecure concerning relationships. Like he refers to their conversation when they were stuck after the explosion (danny saying that he always expected that yhe relationship would go wrong). So steve always has to be careful with what he says and how dnny interprets it. Example: steve ask him if he wants to move in and danny then respons something like "should we?". Also a conversation about marriage to which danny says he doesnt think he could marry again. Then later steve gets hurt or at least gives danny a scare so danny says something aluong the lines of "im done/i cccant deal with this. We're over" and runs to his car and drives away. They talk it out and then ater danny says he does want to get married?

Fic 2: all i can remember is that danny gets serieously hurt and has to stay att he hospitzl. Steve stays with him until dany says hey should really take care of himself nd sends him home to showr and sleep. At night danny starts feeling worse (breathing problems?) But none of the nurses come to help him so he calls steve.
Anf then maybe danny faints? Im not sure

Thank you sooo very much!


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