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Disillusioned Steve

Hello all!

I haven't run across any so far, but I'm wondering if there are any fics where Steve becomes disillusioned with the military, to any degree really. Any pairing, moresome, or gen is welcome, though i'm partial to Steve/Danny.

Relatedly, are there any H50 exchanges, bangs, or fests here or elsewhere that are still going? All of the ones I've found so far have been inactive for a while. ):
Hi everyone,
Do any of you remember a story from a few years ago, a coda to the first episode, where Steve gives Danny and Grace the weekend at the dolphin experience hotel and then Danny invites him to join them? I think it ends up being McDanno at the end. I recall Steve was kind of messed up and Danny recognized how lonely he was.

FOUND Danny in a mental hospital

Hey everybody,
I'm new to this comunity and my english is not the best, I'm sorry, but I want to try it though :).

I'm searching for a story, where Danny is in a mental hospital or psychiatry or something like that. I think he's there because of a breakdown after his 'monkey' Grace died, but I'm not sure, if that is the case. He sees/talks to her ghost if I remember correctly.
I hope you can work with that little information and will give my search a happy end :)
Every other story, where our dear Danny is in a not so mentally stable condition is also very welcome.

Link is in the comments :)
*Bad english...I know...sorry*


Cheating Danny

I've read a few fics where it is Steve who cheats on Danny, but are there any the other way around please?

SEAL!Steve, protective!Steve

Hey!  I'm looking for any stories where Steve is totally kick butt awesome - he gets to use SEAL skills, etc...  If the team gets to see it, that would be even better!

Also, I'm looking for stories where Steve is protective of Danny and/or Grace.  Maybe he goes all super!SEAL for them.

Thanks!  Gen is preferred, but preslash is okay.  :)

Aug. 17th, 2015

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    Danny - Self Harm

    I read a fic a while back ago and I can't find it again.

    I think Danny was a cutter or some other form of self-harm. It was also a McDanno I believe.

    Also, looking for any other stories like it, where self-harm may be an issue. Any team members.

    Thanks in advance!

    Long term illness or injury for steve

    Hi, I'm looking for any long recovery fics for steve, where he has done kind of injury or illness that he takes a while to recover from or if it is permanent, something he takes a while to learn to live with- any genre is fine. No short stories please.

    Lost fic possibly deleted?

    Hi guys,

    Does anyone know where I can find some old sym64 fiction. Its seem to have just disappear. I'm reading the sort of sequel to them called Protective detail and would to find the earlier ones again!
    anyone know did the author just delete them? or was there a reason?

    They are:
    Search and rescue
    Steve's Party


    Similar Stories ?

    Hey Ho!

    I found this awesome story on fanfiction.net and was wondering if there were any similar Stories?
    Just the basic plot :)
    Slash is fine AUs even so

    Here´s the story:



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