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Hey guys can any one point me in the direction of some good jealous Steve fics? Or some fics in which Danny is kidnapped to use against Steve as the bad guy knows what Steve feels for him?

Thanks in advance

I need fic to read!

I've just had surgery and have a month off of work and can't really do much so reading good fic would be wonderful!

I'm looking mainly for H/C, Sick!Steve fics but any good plot fic will do. I'm picky about AUs but I do read some. No RPFs please.

Thankyou !!

Jul. 21st, 2014

I all! I'm craving some long plot filled Steve/Danny with bottom!danny. The Longer the better!

Grace gets Danny and Steve together.

Hey, I'm new so first of I'm saying Hello!

I'm looking for fics where Grace has a big part of getting Danny and Steve together. Along the lines of the boys being oblivious idiots to their own feelings for each other, with little Grace pointing it out like it is obvious.

Bonus for the team placing bets or being all "well finally!"

Thanks so much!

The delightful E-Train

Hi guys, long time no see.

Tonight I am after any stories where Danny's nephew Eric are in them. I have finally watched the episode with Eric and poor Danny being embarrassed by his Mr. July Calendar picture. I know Steve and Chin were taking the piss out of him, but I swear Steve's eyes lingered just a tad too long for him to be teasing him. Maybe stories where Eric sees the looks his uncle and Steve give each other and try to get them together.

I also laughed so hard at the way Steve got all huffy when the sorority girl thought Steve and Danny were some girls dads.

Anyway if there are any stories from this episode S03 E12, I would love to read them. I know I am not the only one who thought he was absolutely adorable. 

Looking for a Steve/Danno Story

I'm looking for a story that I'd like to re-read, but I can't remember what the name of it is.  It took place after the first Governor was killed and Steve is in the hospital, clinging to life. (I can't remember why he's there) and Danny is very protective of him.  The supposedly dead Governor walks in and Steve reacts badly, almost hindering his recovery.  He thought she was dead.  Danny walks in and chews her out because he didn't think Steve could handle the fact that she is indeed alive.

Later on in the story, Steve is moved to a safe house I believe.  They are afraid Wo Fat is after him, and Wo Fat also doesn't know that the Governor is actually alive.

I know it's not much to go on, but you guys have helped me find missing stories in the past....anyone know of this story and where I can find it?  Thanks in advance!!!!

Fic I lost track of

I'm pretty sure I saw a search for this posted before but it's been awhile so I thought I'd ask to see if it was found. I don't remember the title but it was a story about Steve and Danny. Danny loses a bet. He has to wear a skirt to a luau I think. Steve is jealous and possessive. He makes Danny wear a necklace or something to stake his claim but Danny doesn't realize it.

Thanks for any and all help.

Danny Jealous/Steve Oblivious

Hi, again. I'm looking for a fic I read just recently, but can't find to reread. I don't know if the part I remember is the main story or just part of a longer fic.

Danny and Steve are together. I believe Catherine is part of the 5-0 team, but I'm not sure. She invites Steve to go to a basketball game with her. Danny says its okay, but it really is not. He is hurt and jealous that Steve would go with her. I believe that Danny avoids Steve the rest of the weekend, and then they have a fight and Steve realizes that he should not have gone with Catherine.

Thank you!

Danno learning pidgin

Looking for a story where Danny and Steve are together and Danno secretly starts taking classes in pidgin so he can surprise him. He is terrible at it and ends up asking Chin for help with studying.
Any other stories where Danny decides to learn the language (with or without telling the team) would also be nice.


Danny shifts to prehistoric shark

I just re-read Joe Lawson's Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, where mer-folk are known, and Danny's ancestry and mer-form is shark-based.

I know there's another story, where Danny's alternate form is a Megalodon (?), a prehistoric shark. He was not known as a shape-shifter. He came 'out' to Steve when they were dumped in the middle of the ocean to drown; Danny shifted and carried Steve piggy-back to shore.

I don't remember if it stays gen, or ends up McDanno.

But I've gone completely blank about author and/or title. Can anyone help?

Thanks so much.

FOUND! amazingly quickly by simplyn2deep, it's Jaws by Joe Larson.