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looking for Danny Mpreg

I am looking for a Hawaii five-o story i read a while ago where Steve and Danny had just had twins than Danny finds out he is pregnant and can not cope so her runs away to a cabin where he goes into labour and chin has to help deliver the baby. the only reason they know he has gone into labour is because steve can feel Danny's pain. I also remember that while Danny is gone the children call chin dad and later Steve kisses Chin. Also  while Danny is at the cabin rachel comes to see him and finds out he is pregnant. does this story sound familar to anyone please.

Danny wins?

It seems like most of the stories I am encountering have a lot of Danny whump in them. Gunshot wounds, broken bones, emotional turmoil, rough treatment, kidnapping, assault, etc. I'm a fan of well written stories such as these, but they seem to be the only narrative about Danny, along with his ranting. This could be a cause of what I'm searching for or where I am searching, but maybe not?

With the aftermath of 6.25, I'm wondering if there are any stories out there where Danny gets to be smart? Or competent? Or outside of Steve's shadow? Or gets his chance to save the day? Or leaves a story without any issues? It sounds boring, lol, but does Danny ever win?


AU: Hooker!Danny

Hi guys,

I've been looking for this fic everywhere and i just can't seem to find it:
I think it was on ao3, but I'm not sure about that. It was AU and Danny worked as a prostitute at Hawaii, because he couldn't find a job there and still wanted to be close to Grace. Steve comes to Hawaii and Kamekona sets him up with Danny, whom he has already paid.
Sometime later they meet again and Steve pays him a lot of money to spend a weekend with him, and sometime on this weekend they take a walk in a park.
Also, they meet a third time where Danny helps 5-0 in an investigation of the murders of prostitutes.

Does that ring any bells for anyone? Also excuse my english and my mistakes in this post, my laptop isn't working, so i had to write this on my cell phone

Danny Hurt/comfort 'Revenge' fic

Looking for fics where a bad guy uses Danny to get revenge on Steve. Up for anything, kidnapping, shooting, stabbing, stalking, beating, whatever as long as there is Danny whump, and Steve angst and comfort.

No slash, please. Not into it. Frienship and epic bromance is fine.

Danny unsercover


I was wondering if there any fix that have Danny undercover; where he needs to leave work in Five-o and convince every one he turned dark side. the more Danny Angst the better.

also I already read all I can find of Danny with healing powers so I was wondering if there are any that I didn't read.

also are there any angsty hurt Danny from season 6?

please all stories slash, Steve/Danny, and only bottom Danny

thank you

Specific fic Search

This was a series of stories.  Steve is an action star and Danny is still a cop.  They meet on the set of one of Steve's films and hit it off.  Eventually, they live together, I think finally coming out as together at an awards ceremony.  My google-fu has completely failed me and I cannot find this.  Please help me!

Just the one scene in my head

I always mean to save this fic when I find it again and never do!

The scene that stands out in my mind is Steve talking to Danny about his dad, about how everyone keeps telling him NOW how much John loved him and how it doesn't help at all and just bursts out with "I hated him!"

I know that's not a lot to go on, but it somebody knows, I would love you forever!
I've started rewatching the show from the begining this past month and I'm now delving into the fanfic world of H50 and I'm desperatly in need of a new things in particular.

1. Anything where Danny is upset/angry at Steve for being reckless in combat. They always make a joke of it on the show when Steve does something really stupid and Danny is worried, but come on, I can totally imagine Danny refusing to talk or even look at Steve when they get back to HQ sometimes after he's pulled one of his classic Steve stunts that almost get him killed.

2. Anything where Danny gets shot, beaten, hurt, dislocates or breaks something. Preferably on the job.

3. Anything where Steve patches Danny up like in 4x19.

4. 4x21 and 5x07 were both incredible episodes (oh the man whump) but I can't seem to find many (if any?) tags or codas to them. So if you could rec me any stories that deal with the aftermath of where those episodes ended in terms of hurt!Steve and worried/I'm-not-leaving-his-bedside!Danny, I'd be eternally grateful.

5. You're favourite AU stories where Five-0 doesn't exist and Steve and Danny meet and stay friends for a completely different reason.


SEEKING: McDanno, Grace's nickname

Hello all, seeking a McDanno story, where they are getting together, and go to the Edwards to pick up Grace. Steve starts calling her by a Hawaiian word for "favorite child", and there are hints that the Edwards are on the rocks and Grace's home life might not be too stable, and Steve really wanting to make his house a home with Grace and Danny. Thanks for any clues to the identity and whereabouts of this story.
HI, I'm looking for a specific story where Steve is kidnapped from his kitchen in the night while Catherine is asleep. Someone disarms the alarm system, and she doesn't even realize. All I remember is Danny and Chin showing up after she calls them, she says something about he always gets coffee ready and his swim shorts are still in the bedroom. I am dying to read the rest, I have searched for weeks and I can't find it anywhere! PLEASE HELP! Thanks.


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