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Pretty much exactly what it says on the description

Danny's dad dies (IIRC) and Steve goes home with Danny to be supportive but they get the cold shoulder from many different directions

Help pls

Favourite fanfics


I followed the show almost as soon as it was aired but never really got into the fandom, so I'm pretty new to it, that's why I'm posting here. ;) And I'm so lazy I don't particularly have the courage to sort through this comm after I tried to find fanfics on AO3.
Anyway, here's what I'm looking for:
- as it says in the title, your favourite H50 fanfics
- I prefer gen, and I'm not really a fan of mcdanno but I don't mind if the fanfic is really good. Other slash/femslash ships are more than ok. No incest, please.
- I'd like to read case fics, mostly. I haven't been long in the fandom to start reading AUs. First I need my fix of case fics ;). Canon divergence is ok if H50 unit still exists.
- If there's some hurt!Steve, gimme. Please. Because sometimes, it almost feels like he is superman.
- Beware that I only watched seasons 1 to 4 so far, so no 5th season fanfics. (Or no spoilers)
- Crossovers are more than welcomed
- I don't have a preference for a plateform whatsoever (AO3,, LJ, etc)

I think that's all. Thanks in advance for your help! ;)

Depressed/tired Danny

I'm looking for a story i read a while ago. Steve was getting out of prison an Danny was picking him up. Danny was really tired and depressed because of Charlie and everything else that happened. When he picked up Steve he broke down and stared crying. That is all i can remember. Anyone know what i'm talking about?


Catherine's parents


I search for fanfictions in which Steve meets Catherine's parents.

Thank you in advance :)


Apr. 29th, 2015

Hi! I'm looking for mcdano fics what maybe happens after 5x17? Like, Common Law-y fics?
Or, mcdanno fics there their relationships are tough, because they are so different?

Long fic recs

Looking for long fic recs. Case, au, slash, crossovers, anything you like. I've read most of the fic on Iam_space's LJ rec page, but I know I've missed fic at A03 and I generally don't read at except on rec, so any source is fine. I'd like lots of recs, so everyone feel free to jump in, please. I need something to sink my escapist reading teeth into and even if I happen to know the fic you rec, I might've forgotten it or want to re-read and maybe somebody else will find something new, too :-)

Oh, and are there any 5-O/Bones crossovers?

I am looking for a specific fic and I am also looking to see if there is a fic based on an idea.

The specific fic I know I have read, but I don't remember what site I read it on. I know it was slash of the McDanno variety and had a Dom/Sub theme. What I remember is that Danny is a Sub (or maybe a switch). He and Gracie live in a nice home, Danno never brings anyone home - he has another house that he 'plays' in. Even as young as Gracie is, they already know she is a Dom. I know this is very little to go on...but I hope someone remembers this.

I was reading 'Not Tonight Honey, I Have a Headache' by kho and was wondering if there are any fics where the team teases Danny about being a nag and he stops, only speaking when necessary and not 'nagging' and the team realizes they miss it and it was his way of saying he loved them?

Thanks in advance!

AU - Supernatural fic?

I am watching the Pilot episode on Netflix and remembered a scene in a fic, but that's the only thing I remember. I really, really hope someone can figure it out. I think it had to be a 'supernatural' type fic. The scene I remember is when they go talk to Chin and he says he can't be a cop because HPD thinks he's dirty. Steve asks if he took the money and Chin says no, and he looks at Danny and Danny says he KNOWS Chin is telling the truth. I don't think he could read minds, but it was like he could 'read' his I making this up?

Thanks in advance!!!

daddy steve

Looking for a fic I read a while ago where Catherine turns up at Steve's door with a baby, Steve takes the kid but needs Danny's help. they get together, bad guys set Steve's house on fire, Rachel helps out with the baby and Steve names him "JJ".


I was watching 5:08 (where Wo Fat kidnaps McG) and it reminded me of a fic I can't find.
Steve kills a man who has been keeping Danny captive. The real danger is already over and Danny is angry because Steve's actions make Danny guilty too when he writes a "creative" explanation as to what happened. I'm fairly certain Steve and Danny are a couple in the fic and Steve is convinced Danny is going to leave him.
I'd be grateful if anyone could send me in the right direction!