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Long rambling family fics.

Hi I just read:

Yours, Mine, Ours 'Verse by osointricate


Renovations by Moonbeam (luvsbitca)

I absolutely love these fics and would love to read more like it.

The longer the better, adopiton and fostering other kids is fine, if the series has Mpreg that isn't tagged for could you warn for it please.

Thank you so much for any and all help.

mcdanno a/b/o universe

So, I've been trying to find a really good five o fic with Danny as the omega and Steve being the alpha. Do you guys know any good stories?
Preferably long and finished bonus points for Danny being pregnant and Steve being all protective.
(BTW: I wouldn't mind some hurt danny)

Chin H/C

so I've been re-watching all of H50 and am now really in the mood for some hurt/comfort fics centered around Chin. Anybody got any ideas/suggestions? Pretty please ;-)
Thanks in advance!
I've been looking for this one for a few days and I am hoping someone here remembers the title. All I remember is that Danny was trying to get custody of Grace and part of doing that was making an offer and signing some papers to buy a house but at the last minute that fell through and Steve didn't tell Danny until after the hearing because he knew that Danny would tell the judge and then lose the hearing. I also remember that Danny finds out what happened because he and Grace are on the beach and she makes a comment about he needs to take her picture on their private beach because none of her friends believe that she has one in her new house. And Danny is upset with Steve and Steve tells him what happened and that he knew Danny would be honest with the judge and lose and Steve couldn't take that. But if he wants he can still get a loan through Steve's bank for another house.

I'm pretty sure it as AO3 and it was a get together story? Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you!
I am looking for a fic (thought I read it on AO3) where Danny is forced to kill a teenage girl in a robbery gone wrong. The shooting is then investigated leading Danny to question what happened. Later in the story a neighbour who has been watching the investigation on the news thinks that Danny has abused Grace and she is taken away by child protective services. Would love to read this story again if anyone knows where it is.


Yeah, that pretty much sums it up... Grace puts a flower in Danny's hair and asks him to leave it there, even when they go out for the day with Steve. Steve thinks this is hilarious at first, but due to the side it's on and Hawaiian tradition, Danny gets hit on a lot. Cue jealousy and Steve literally passing out in the face of talking about his feelings.

Looking for Danny smallpox vaccine fic...

Hey guys... The one has alluded me again.

I'm looking for a story that is NCIS LA crossover – Danny and Chin Ho get the smallpox vaccine and then Danny has a bad reaction to it. I've tried searching it under keywords but I'm coming up blank. Somewhere before at least I don't think I'm making it up. In fact I'm sure I actually searched this journal for the same story awhile ago but I can't get livejournals searches to work.

Does this sound familiar?

Danny is a SEAL?

I swear I started reading a story where Danny was a SEAL but then realized it was a long one so put it in my "read later" pile and now cannot identify it!  I really can't unfortunately remember any of it but I feel like it started off saying people alwys underestimated him so he put forth double effort to prove them wrong?

Lost please help find

I know there's a McDanno story. Where Danny is kidnapped I want to say it's by Catherine. And taken and hung up in a Cave. And the way Steve find him is a tracking device built into their wedding bands. I know the stories out there I just can't find it please help me find it.

Looking for two h/c fics

Hi, looking for two fics that disappeared from my saved fics. Both are found and linked in the comments.

1) Danny is in the hospital in need of a cure, maybe from the Sarin incident, I'm not sure on that. Steve steals a top secret "cure" and is wounded in the process. The military shows up just as the doctor gives the medicine to Danny and Steve is hauled away - not knowing if it worked. He's then forced into an op with the CIA. He ends up in a military hospital still not knowing if Danny survived and Danny doesn't know if Steve is alive either. Eventually, Danny gets to the hospital Steve is in and they finally see each other again. Found - link in comments.

2) Steve was on a mission and comes across a downed pilot who he ends up saving. I think that pilot ends up visiting Hawaii one day and sees a picture of Steve in the paper. He comes by HQ and winds up telling the story of how he met Steve to Danny over coffee? Found - link in the comments.

Any help is much appreciated :)


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