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Looking for Williams family payback fic

I am looking for a story where a person (lady?) had done something (don't remember what) to Danny (possibly Grace and/or Steve too) and had moved away. In their new place of residents their life has suddenly become more difficult, and lists that various businesses the problems happened in. Later on they realizes that all the businesses where they had a tough time were different ways of saying Williams. This was at the tail end of the fic, and wasn't the main focus of the story.

Any idea where I could find it again?

Thank you!



Hey I'm looking for any fic's that's based on Amnesia Steve.
Anything along the lines of Steve gets hits on the head during a case or something and loses some of his memory or all, and then at some point it all come flowing back in a rush and makes Steve have a nose bleed and get violence because of navy seal instinct kicks in. {Hopefully Mcdanno fic if possible}.
Thanks x

Danny Centric H/C

Hey all! I have three general prompts that I am looking for fics to fill:

1. basically Rachael bashing, in which she tries to get full custody of Grace or tries to break up McDanno, etc... And subsequent reactions, i.e. battles in court, Danny getting full custody, feelings, what have you.

2. Slightly more specific, but I was wondering if there are any fics in which Steve and Danny are arguing and Steve eventually yells at Danny to shut up, and then Danny takes this to heart and stops talking/rant/responding to Steve or anyone. Could be actual hurt feelings or trying to prove a point.

3. Ala season 1 "Belief" when Danny says, "If my word is not good enough then I do not know what I am doing here," I'm looking for fics in which Danny feels under-appreciated or unwelcome in the team. Could be just conflict with Steve, or maybe just HPD, but fics in which Danny does not feel supported or valued as a member of 5-o. I would also be interested in fics in which Danny takes more offense to the use of "Haole," either when the team uses it or when they don't support him when others use it. Or conflict between Danny and HPD.


Doris fics

Anyone have any links to anybody fics (or other relevant posts) that are anti-Doris? I recently restarted the series and I am remembering how hard she is to like, especially at first. Thanks!

Steve forced to have sex with Danny

I hope you can help me find this fic. I read it years ago and I can't find it anywhere.

What I recall is Steve and Danny are being forced to have sex. I think they were in Steve's house when someone breaks in, there may have been a storm. Steve is really upset because he actually loves Danny and he didn't want their first time to be like that. Steve tries to make it easier for Danny. I think it becomes Steve/Danny.

I'm sorry it is so vague, I can't remember much. This is my first time posting please let me know if I did anything wrong.

Update: FOUND


Meeting At a Club

So this fic has been bugging me for a couple of days now:

Steve and Danny meet for the first time at a private club and have sex, it's an invite only club I think and they all wear masks since everyone is only there for sex. Steve might have membership pasted down through a family connection? Danny gets recommended by someone at work? After the sex Steve thinks about starting something with Danny but changes his mind at the last minute and they go their separate ways. A day or so after that night they have their canon meeting in the garage. Steve ends up recognizing Danny because of his hair I think, not sure if Danny figures it out right away. There might be something about a hickey? They eventually end up together.

Someone help!
Hey Everyone... I read this fic a while back and now I can't find it. I just can't seem to get it out of my head. It is a series of one-shots featuring hurt!Steve McGarrett. In one of the one shots, Steve has a broken arm and is later kidnapped and locked into a shipping container. He then drown in there after it is dumped on the ocean, but is lated revived by Danny.

Another one-shot involves Steve being exposed to a dangerous chemical and there is nothing the doctors can do to easy his pain. Danny ends up cradling him on the bed to ease the pain all night.

Danny is always the one to rescue or comfort Steve. These one shots focus on their friendship.

Please help. Thanks so much

Steve/Danny, Evil Catherine

Hey I'm looking for any fic's that are about an evil Catherine that is crazy in love with Steve but Steve dumps her for Danny and she goes all crazy and is like 'if I can't have Steve, then no one can' and tries to kill him so Danny can't have him cause she twisted up like that.
If there is any fic's like this please comment and send me a link,
Thanks x

Fic Steve/Danny

I read this fic I'm pretty sure it was on AO3 and for the life of me I can't find it again, or remember the title. It was basically a Jealous Danny fucking Steve against the window in his office. I believe Catherine was below watching. If this sounds familiar to anyone please let me know.

Found in Comments

Does this exist?

I would like to see something where some military guys or anyone really going on about how Steve has lost his touch or gone soft since joining 5-0 and him doing something that just owns it and is just all around awesome. Are there any fics out there like this?