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Pre-Series Meet in a Bar

I know ther'es more than one of these out there but there's a specific "pre series, Danny sits next to Steve at a bar and hits on him" I must find, because i loved it.  I remember it was Danny's pov, and he was having an inner convo with himself about don't even know if Steve's gay or not, but I specifically remember Steve kept smiling and ducking his head until I'm prettys ure Danny finally said it outright, and basically says I wasn't sure if you'd hit me and Steve's like I'd never do that...  Possibly there's a line about Steve specifically hanging up his dress blues so they don't wrinkle?

And while I'm at it?  There's fics where they met preseries and hooked up and then meet up again as they did on the show...  One in specific that I loved but I remember no details except that it was good.  So.

But mainly the first one.

Found!! Thanks!
Before it Began by Leslie Knope

Danny's Past Cop Partner

Hi All,

I was wondering if there are any stories where some of Danny's Cop partners from Jersey come to Hawaii and bad mouth Danny. Maybe even his family bad mouths him but the Five O team sets em straight.


Steve has OCD and is in prison?

Hey guys, I read a fic a while back where Steve was in prison for committing a crime, but he committted the crime due to OCD(obsesive compulsive disoder), I believe one of his traits was that he didn't like anything dirty touching him. If I remember correctly Danny was his lawyer and believed he shouldn't be in prison and instead in hospital. Chin was a prison guard and Grace also suffered with severe OCD which was why Danny understood Steve's troubles.

If anyone knows the fic I am on about then many thanks.

Cheers :)

Steve with a SEAL military working dog

I know there are some fics that have Danny partnered up with a working dog, and if someone could link some of those I would appreciate it, because for some reason I never did, but I am wondering if anyone knows of any fics that have Steve partnered up with a working dog, either while he was a SEAL or after while with Five-0. Thank you!


Hello all! Quick call for help, can't find this one Steve/Danny story: Steve McGarret is in high school when his dad passes away, but he's not looking for a father figure when new girl Grace Williams introduces her BFF to her Danno, Detective Danny Williams of HPD. The story covers a few years as Steve goes from high school in Honolulu to classes at Annapolis. Danno is older, and while Steve does confess before his high school graduation, Danny lets him down gently, but ends up in a long distance relationship without really noticing, until its too late. Grace is supportive, and Danny keeps all of Steve's letters. Any info about this story would be much appreciated, and I thank you all for your kind consideration.

This story has been found! I am deeply grateful to kahuna_burger for finding "Wayfinding", by elandrialore. Available on the AO3, http://archiveofourown.org/works/586971, but you must be a registered user. Its worth the time to do so!


Hi All

I have just in the last few months got hooked on HFO fanfiction. A big McDANNO shipper fan.

I read a story where Danny was raped while in prison in colombia. And when he got home Steve took care of him and through it they got together.

Anyone recognize the story. If So I would greatful if you told me.


Fic Search

Hi guys! I don't know if there are any fics written up like I am looking for but I am hopeful there is and that one of you might know of one. I am looking for an AU fic based on season 6 episode 9, where Danny was undercover as an Economics Professor. I was looking for an AU fic where Danny was an actual professor and Steve meets him during the investigation. Can be Gen, but I would totally prefer a Steve/Danny romance blooming.

Does anyone know any fics like this?
Hi all, I just read and liked Practice Makes Perfect by imaginary_iby (http://archiveofourown.org/works/346003). Does anybody know of more fics, preferably long ones, of Steve and/or Danny being confused or surprised about falling in love with another man?
Thanks, Pat

A few fic themes

Hi I'm looking for help find or recommending a couple of things.

1) Steve pays Danny's parking tickets. Something has happened (can't recall what) to give Danny a hard time and Steve's trying to do something, anything to make Danny's life easier even if only a small gesture

2) Any fix about size kink. Especially where Danny is bigger than Steve

3) Steve Bottoming for the first time. Especially if he's apprehensive and it's a 'thing'. I'm specifically thinking of a fic where he's been with Danny for a while but they haven't tried it this way. It's very descriptive of his fear and the ultimate experience. Any would be good though

Mindy Shaw fic?

Okay do we know if Dr. Mindy Shaw is no more for this show or has she just not appeared in season 6 yet?  Anyway the point of this post is I am DYING for a Mindy Shaw/Danny Williams fic and found only two on archive of our own (A Crush and The Sun) and there just simply must be more huh?  Right?  I swear the show was going there, I will be so upset if there's no more Mindy at ALL!  (Yes I'm a McDanno girl 100% but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a good het side pairing or two as well!)   I will also settle for any Mindy centric fic.



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